Who Must Increase?

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It’s amazing to me that any of us like verses in the Bible like John 3:30. It says, “He must increase, I must decrease.”

IMG_6211Why is that strange to me? Because what we really want is more God, more good, in our lives but we don’t want get rid of any of ourselves. We think that naturally our hearts are good and want good things. In actuality our hearts lie to us. We don’t love ourselves as much as God loves us.

We want to be blessed and righteous but don’t want to submit any of our preferences, resources, hopes, or dreams to the authority of Christ Jesus. We don’t want everyday mundane choices and decisions to be a gospel (read spiritual) issue, but they in fact are spiritual issues. Our choices indicate what we believe about God. They indicate whether or not we believe the Gospel is true.

If we are to live like the Gospel is true and let our lives be acts of worship and surrender to who God is and what He has done, then every decision has to fall under his authority. Including but not limited to how we treat others, how we take care of ourselves and our families as well as where we spend our time and money, etc.

Worship is a rhythm of revelation and response.

Live a responsive life today to the God that has revealed Himself richly to you! Ask God what He would change about you, your community, and the world today if you would let Him use you!

What areas do you notice yourself not submitting to Christ?

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