What Is A Resident?

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 Why Austin?

First, because we were called to Austin! Second, because in the scriptures we often see Paul heading to strategic places to do ministry in an effort to multiply disciples in a powerful way. These are some of the many reasons why Austin makes a great and very strategic place to minister and make disciples.

  • Austin is centrally located in Texas, contains the State Capitol, and has a major University.
  • Austin is growing rapidly. On average, 120 people a day move to the Austin area.
  • Austin is a very international city. This is vital if we are going to reach the nations.
  • Austin also has many issues, including extreme poverty and  a large homeless population.
  • Other things that plague the city of Austin include: socioeconomic issues, race issues, gender identity & sexual orientation struggle, and even human trafficking.





What Am I Doing About It?

I believe that Jesus is the answer to our sin problem, and that the church is the means to make Him known. What am I doing about it? The only thing I can do…lead people to our loving Savior with my words and actions, helping them to become a follower of the better Way of Jesus.

This means that my family is trying to fearlessly live out our faith through every situation and circumstance that comes our way. That means being present in our neighborhood. It also means being a part of The Austin Stone church which is consistently addressing the issues that plague Austin. While being a part of the Austin Stone community, I can grow as a disciple while helping my family, friends, and others grow as well. It also means leading others who already know Christ deeper into their relationship with Him.

What Am I Doing Specifically As A Resident?

I am under the supervision of Justin Cofield. He serves as Worship Pastor for The Austin Stone’s St. John campus, as well as the Director of Development for Austin Stone Worship.

Justin and I have talked about the great need for fully devoted disciples. We also see the need for Christ-centered worship (which helps make disciples). In an effort to fill in some current needs and to begin serving right away, I’ve been tasked with putting together a band and leading worship for the students at that campus since they currently do not have a consistent one.

I am spending one on one time with Justin as well learning how to better pastor people, become more missional, and develop other leaders. I am devoting all of my time to serving & leading my family, my church, and my city in an Christ exalting way. I also get to work on some other very important & fun things with Justin, like worship songwriting and helping put together a worship conference, all in an effort to serve God’s church better!


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