Prayer, Cynicism, & Dancing

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Yo everybody!

One week of school is done. Best friends have a baby shower. Noah is on an MJ kick. Ezra ponders Hyperspace. Chandler has dance crew rehearsal. Tasha gets a pet dinosaur. I talk about how cynicism has hindered my prayers.

I am having a blast doing these vlogs (videos) for you guys. We hope you dig it too! We are incredibly thankful for your prayers, and support!



What we hope God does in my praying:

  • Grows my trust in other leaders and my dependency on Him.
  • Helps me kill cynicism and show grace to others.
  • Guides me to pray scripture more often than my own words.
  • Shows me fruit from previous prayers.


How you can help my family during residency:

  1. Pray
    1. For my family— spiritual growth and togetherness
    2. For our finances—total dependency on God and for stewardship
    3. Post residency opportunities—good fit for our gifts and family
    4. Our neighborhood and city—they will feel God’s love through us
  2. Give
    1. Two Year Partners—stick with it!
    2. One Year Partners—please recommit!
    3. New Partners—begin giving monthly!

We had a change in our insurance and some changes in the giving of some of our partners, so we still need about $1,000 a month to continue this Residency! Thats only 10 more people giving $100 a month so we can meet our goal!


Family, Ministry Partners, and friends—we cannot adequately express our gratitude for all the ways you have blessed us. Please share the word about what God is doing in and through us so others can be a part of the journey. Can’t wait to share more exciting things with you all!



To learn more, partner with us, or give a special gift; please click the button below.



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