One More Week

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It’s kind of hard to believe that my residency is ending.

Almost two years of our lives have gone by…which means that Ezra has been here a while, our other two kids have gotten older (so have I), and it is time for my family to move on from Austin, Texas.

I’ll share more thoughts soon about all that I have learned and experienced while here, but for now I want you to know how much The Austin Stone means to us and that we are sad to leave, but I also want you to know how excited we are to hit the ground running at McLean Bible Church!

In my final work week here we will host worship pastors from all over for an Austin Stone Worship Intensive on Wednesday and Thursday. I will be a part of my final Huddle (worship staff meeting) on Wednesday and Collective (monthly volunteer gathering) on Thursday. I will also attend services at St. John Campus for the last time on Sunday the 28th.

Also happening this week are Noah and Chandler’s birthdays! Then on Tuesday, May 30th at 9:30am, some great folks are meeting us at the house to load up the moving truck!

A couple of friends and I will drive the truck to Maryland, arriving on June 1st, while Tasha and the kids get some much needed time with family & friends in Livingston.

Another thing I want to mention is financial support.  Make sure you adjust your giving if you haven’t already. Since we are done, there is no need to give from June-August!

All money given (if you continue) will go towards the general residency fund at The Austin Stone. If you have found giving the last couple of years to be a blessing, I know some other residents and ministries that you could support—we will be supporting a couple of residents at The Austin Stone starting in August!

Please pray for us during this next week if you think of us. It is easy to get distracted from the mission while trying to pack and say goodbye. We are all struggling with allergies and a cough…not sure what that’s about. Also, we want to be present in the moment and enjoy these last few days in Austin, not just survive them…hah!

Send me a message if you want our new address.

Thanks a ton for partnering with us—love you all!


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  1. Wish your family would update on your journey on this blog, or YouTube, as it is such an uplifting journey that so many many people can take so much strength, patience, and understanding from! God bless you all..

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