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It is kinda funny how God works. My life is good right now. Really good. Even though my family is still in transition from adoption (my family has just brought home a new child, our third–a four year old from China), things are good, even comfortable.

I currently lead worship at FBC Livingston and have been for about 5 years (you can read more of my story here). I have enjoyed just about every minute of it. God is doing amazing things through our church and even in my own family! FBC is growing deep and wide like crazy. Everything seems great. We see no real need for change, but God.



He has made me aware (sometimes painfully) of my need for Him and of my great need for faith and spiritual growth. He has shown me that my gifts need developing and that I need a new rhythm of learning, serving, and rest. He quickly and suddenly revealed to me the way He wanted to accomplish that in me.

He gave my family and I a calling to join Him in what He is doing in Austin, Texas.

We have prayed, fasted, struggled, and rejoiced over this calling. There are obvious reasons for struggling through this instead of jumping on it. The first reason is because things are good here. Also we are still in adoption transition and need support through prayer and community. The last and most daunting reason is that I will not be getting paid for this residency…which means we will need financial support for the next two years! It is a lot to take in but we feel like this is what God is saying and we want to walk in obedience.

I hope this next section answers some of your questions!


What Is A Resident?

The vision of The Austin Stone Worship Residency Program:


Every September, The Austin Stone launches two-year residencies for worship pastors.

The Worship Residency exists to foster an environment that equips Worship Leaders in the spiritual and practical implications of their ministry to the Church and their city through musical, theological and character development.

In addition to our Worship Development Program, the residents will be placed alongside one of the Austin Stone Worship Leaders to serve in various capacities at their specific campus. This close proximity to a specific worship leader allows for the most personalized growth and development over the two-year period.

Specifically, this worship residency will provide tangible servant leadership experience that builds toward ownership of either a specific worship role at one of our campuses or centrally within the Worship Ministry, and specialized training from our Worship Staff in pastoral leadership and songwriting.


 Why Austin?

In the scriptures we often see Paul heading to strategic places to do ministry in an effort to multiply disciples in a powerful way. These are some of the many reasons why Austin makes a great and very strategic place to minister and make disciples.

  • Austin is centrally located in Texas, contains the State Capitol, and has a major University.
  • Austin is growing rapidly. On average, 120 people a day move to the Austin area.
  • Austin is a very international city. This is vital if we are going to reach the nations.
  • Austin also has many issues, including extreme poverty and  a large homeless population.
  • Other things that plague the city of Austin include: socioeconomic issues, race issues, gender identity & sexual orientation struggle, and even human trafficking.



What Am I Going To Do About It?

The only thing I can do…lead people to our loving Savior with my words and actions, helping them to become a follower of the better Way of Jesus. I believe that Jesus is the answer to our sin problem, and that the church is the means to make Him known.

This means that my family will try to fearlessly live out our faith through every situation and circumstance that comes our way. That means being present in a likely not so great neighborhood. It also means being a part of The Austin Stone church which is consistently addressing the issues that plague Austin. While being a part of the Austin Stone community, I can grow as a disciple while helping my family, friends, and others grow as well. It also means leading others who already know Christ deeper into their relationship with Him.

AustinStoneChurch copy

What Will I Be Doing Specifically As A Resident?

During my residency I will be under the supervision of Justin Cofield. He serves as Worship Pastor for The Austin Stone St. John campus, as well as the Director of Worship Development for Austin Stone Worship.

Justin and I have talked about the great need for fully devoted disciples. We also see the need for Christ-centered worship (which helps make disciples). In an effort to fill in some current needs and to begin serving right away, I’ve been tasked with putting together a band and leading worship for the students at that campus since they currently do not have a consistent one.

I will be spending one on one time with Justin as well learning how to better pastor people, become more missional, and develop other leaders. I will be able to devote all of my time to serving & leading my family, my church, and my city in an Christ exalting way. I also will get to work on some other important & fun things with Justin, like worship songwriting and helping put together a worship conference, all in an effort to serve God’s church better!


Would You Like To Be Part Of Our Story?

In case you haven’t picked up on this yet, we really believe that God has called our family to Austin, Texas and called me specifically to be a resident at The Austin Stone!

Here’s the deal though, we absolutely cannot do this without you, nor would we want to! Part of the residency program is raising enough financial support for my family of 5 to devote all of our time pointing others to Christ in the next 24 months.

Read more about the Biblical basis for raising support here.

We want some of you to come alongside us in ministry as partners in prayer and financial support. We want you to be on our ministry team. We would love for our team of ministry partners to be big in size and fully involved, willing to invest their finances, resources, and  prayers into the work that God is doing in Austin, Texas, and in our family.


If you are willing, here are ways to join us in His Kingdom work:


Ways To Support Us

prayercardThe first way to partner with us, is to support us in prayer!

  • Pray for the city of Austin to know Jesus
  • Pray for our new church: The Austin Stone
  • Pray for our previous church: FBC Livingston
  • Pray for our family to grow in Christ
  • Pray for provision through financial support

We will be asking you to pray for more specific things along the way, trust me!

We would love for you to print this picture and post it somewhere in an effort to remember to pray for our family.


The second way to partner with us is by giving financially.

We will need full financial support to devote all of our time to ministry while in Austin.

Here is exactly what we need:

  • $1,500 — Housing/Rent
  • $1,200 — Tithe, Utilities, Groceries, Internet, other living expenses
  • $500 — Van Payment, Auto Insurance, Renters Insurance
  • $900 — Health Insurance
  • $900 — Taxes and Admin Fees

The total is only $5,000 a month for our family of five to live and minister in Austin. That means we need only 50 people to commit to $100 a month for a year and we will be fully supported!


Here are your options for giving:


The best and easiest way to support us financially is to set up a recurring monthly gift. To set up monthly support or a one-time gift, use the button below.


A few things you should be happy about: The gifts are tax deductible. There are no credit card fees. Best of all, your information is very secure. Any information you provide will only be used for billing, and sending you a statement for tax purposes at the end of the year.


By Mail

If you prefer, you can also give by check.

We ask that you please make all checks payable to “The Austin Stone Institutue.” Don’t forget that in the memo line, we need you to write ASI- INT- 1112. The reason for this is, the four digit code is a specific number assigned to me for financial purposes during my residency, it will ensure your support gets to me!

You can send all checks to:

Attention: Kay Clow
313 E. Anderson Lane
Suite 100
Austin, TX 78752


To learn more about Residency at The Austin Stone click here.

To financially support my residency click here.

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