As of June 2017, I live in the Rockville, Maryland area…very close to Washington, D.C.—where I serve as a Worship Pastor at McLean Bible Church’s Montgomery County Campus.

Before being sent out to Maryland, I lived in Austin, Texas—where I served as a Worship Resident at The Austin Stone from August 2015 to May 2017.

Before this, I lived in Livingston, Texas where I focused on leading worship, making disciples, and pastoring the people of FBC Livingston. I served at FBC Livingston as a volunteer from 2009-2010, and then was asked to come on staff full time from 2010-2015.

I listen to a ton of music, as well as produce music, and I also drink way too much coffee. I’m sort of a tattoo & taco enthusiast as well. In addition to various places around Texas, I have lived in Albuquerque, Portland, and Los Angeles!


I have been married to my amazing wife Tasha since 2004. While it hasn’t always been unicorns and rainbows, it has been an amazing journey displaying God’s faithfulness even in our brokenness.

Tasha is a freelance graphic designer who works with several churches and brands, and has a great design studio called Whimsicle Design Studio. She is also in the process of writing some fiction novels. We have a store called Anchors & Arms which is used to sell some shirts, jewelry, printable art, or any other ideas that we have!

Tasha blogs about adoption, albinism, homeschool, Jesus, and other things here. She works from home because we used to homeschool our three beautiful children, Chandler, Ezra, and Noah. We felt strongly about introducing them to public school during the residency, so that is what they are currently doing but we are open to whatever schooling post residency.


Another part of my story is that I used to write, record, and perform music with a couple of different bands. I have been blessed to tour the country and sing about God and life.

Although the band I was in was considered a “Christian band” I was far more concerned about “making it” in the music industry. In reality, I was a glory thief. I wanted to make music fans, not disciples of Jesus. I had not let the Savior of my life fully be the Lord of my life.

When I finally realized my need to repent, I surrendered every area of my life to Jesus. I was shocked to see the powerful things the Holy Spirit could do through me (Phil. 3:7-11, John 14:12-17), while still letting me use music as the primary method for sharing what God has done in my life!

I have now dedicated my life and my family to living a lifestyle that glorifies God and builds the Kingdom (Matt. 22:36-40, Mark 16:15-16), by showing His love and goodness to everyone we meet. I have a heart to inspire everyone to live a life of worship, passion, and purpose. God has taken me on many adventures and I pray that He will continue to do so.