Learning How To Easter

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This year was Ezra’s first Easter. Here is our family picture taken from our couch using a self-timer. 🙂
Well, his first real Easter. We got home the week before Easter last year. We crashed hard and didn’t do much of anything that first week back from China with a new child. I did lead worship on Easter Sunday and Tasha brought Ezra with her to the sound booth to watch me and introduce him to church.
This year was way different.
Although, I did lead for three worship services at The Austin Stone, and we did eat afterwards at one of our normal spots, we didn’t see any family or close friends because we were 3 hours apart. Believe it or not, those were not the main differences. And yes, those are Easter balloons from The Austin Stone!
We dyed 36 eggs (which means a lot of egg salad sandwiches in the coming week), read specific Bible stories during Holy Week that went with each day, and my favorite thing we did, was a special egg hunt tailored to our boys taking into consideration their visual impairment.
Yep, those are glow in the dark eggs. Really, we put some glow sticks into large plastic eggs, and after the kids got all ready for bed, we turned them loose to hunt eggs in their pajamas!
Also Easter baskets…
We do Easter baskets kinda like we do Christmas stockings—less candy and fluff, more practical use items and specific fun things that they really like.
Also, no Easter would be complete without smashing cascarones on the heads of your children, right?
It was an incredible week of celebrating for our family. A week of great opportunity to bring Ezra into our existing traditions and to create new ones. We are thankful for family, friends, and our church for helping us make this time special!


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  1. Missed you guys so much this Easter! We looked at pictures from two years ago that made me a little sad.

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