Learning How To Christmas

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This was Ezra’s first christmas.

You read that right. First Christmas, not fifth. No typo there. This is the first Christmas that Ezra, who is five, has ever had. He told us that no one at “the building” in China had Christmas, at least not like this.

IMG_9997We start right after Thanksgiving putting up the tree, stockings, and decorations.

The kids always help with the ornaments. They really like putting on their “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments.

We knew this would come up so we searched and searched for a “First Christmas” ornament that wasn’t for babies or newlyweds…dang near impossible.

We finally settled for one in the similar style of the other two kid’s ornaments. We wrote “Ezra’s First Christmas” on the back, and let him put it on the tree.

IMG_0088We also gear up for 24 nights of Advent devotionals complete with stories and coloring assignments.

It took us a while, but we eventually found a good rhythm of coloring the paper ornaments right after dinner while we read the family devotional.

After they brushed their teeth we read the suggested story from the Jesus Storybook Bible that correlates to the family devo.

It was pretty cool to do the same thing as the rest of the church. Ezra loved all of this. It was so weird and wonderful to share these stories and traditions with Ezra for the first time.

We are so thankful for The Austin Stone’s Advent resources!

Christmas morning seemed to come quicker than normal. Ezra came bouncing out of his room wearing the new pajamas that he had just opened the night before (another tradition) and could hardly contain himself.

We always eat breakfast before tearing into the presents and do the stockings at the table also. It gives us one last time to push thankfulness and to stir up anticipation.

When it was time for the presents, they all passed them out to each other and to us, then tore into them. Ezra went bonkers. It seemed like every thing they got was Star Wars themed somehow, which Ezra and Noah both loved.

IMG_0118All in all, it was a really great Holiday for Ezra and a really good time of bonding over our sacred family traditions.

We didn’t realize how much we needed this, all of it; the hope of Christ, hot chocolate, candy canes, presents…seriously, all of it, to help us become better as a family with Ezra.

Thanks for the prayers and support.

It is a joy for us to share these special family moments with you all.


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