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We’ve been in Austin for a little over a week now and so much has happened already! We are so excited to be here and learning about our city and the people who call Austin home. The kids insisted that we go downtown to see “the buildings,” so we did, and they loved it. Here they are checking out a guitar sculpture on Congress Ave.




Tasha and I also got to attend our first Austin Stone Worship Collective this week.

When we first arrived we joined some folks at a table. They were eating some great BBQ set out family style. When we finished eating, we went into the auditorium and Jimmy McNeal and some others led us in worship, then Aaron Ivey taught about being a worshipping team. You can read the manifesto of a worshipping team here.

We met lots of great people that we have the privilege of getting to know and work alongside over the next two years.


When the weekend rolled around, we took a trip to the zoo and the kids insisted we ride the train. Who can resist, right? We had a good and restful day out together!



IMG_9497The most different new rhythm for us so far is the boys starting school. It is for sure not a bad thing, just different! Our only prior experience with school is that Chandler went to a Montessori school for a while but the boys have never been away from Tasha for a consistent thing other than a church service.

They were so funny getting their backpacks ready and glasses on. They wanted to pick out their own clothes and shoes. We were careful to sunscreen them up before leaving and made sure to send a hat and sunglasses. They didn’t seem nervous at all, just really excited.

Turns out they loved it, which makes us so happy! They will have a visual impairment specialist to help them out as well. We definitely feel blessed to have these resources available to us!


Austin seems like a good fit for us already. I really can’t wait to start working at The Stone next week! To become a partner with us on this journey, click the button below.



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