Kids Album, Studio, & Thanksgiving

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Hey everybody!

We are finally catching up on vlogs…we had great footage from Oct & Nov but those months were so busy!!!

One week in particular was called “wild week”—at work alone, we had Worship Huddle on Wed, Worship Collective on Thurs, Worship Pastor Intensive on both of those days in conjunction with those other events, Kids album release on Friday night, and to be honest…I feel like we had something on Saturday too…hah

I really like doing these residency vlogs for you guys. I hope you are enjoying them also. Thank you so much for your prayers, and support!



Can you believe we only have 5 months left?!?

I still need your help praying for a couple of things:

  1. For our current financial needs. We need a little more support to finish this residency strong.
  2. For God to clear up what we are doing after this (I am already interviewing with some places)!


Let me share some specifics with you really quickly…

We now have a finish line of 5 months…school will be out, and the lease on our house will be over. That gives us the summer to move! Over the course of the last year and a half, so many have been faithful to give. Some have had to stop due to changes in their financial situation, others have simply chosen not to continue. Whatever the reason, we rely on those commitments and now have specific needs to get us through the final 5 months.

We had an increase in our health insurance through the church, and our van has an electronics issue. We also want to be able to continue being generous in our neighborhood and in participating in the kid’s school by sticking with our original support goal, which we are not currently reaching because of some partners not being able to recommit.

Overall, it looks like we will need about $5000 more dollars to finish strong. We are praying and hoping that some would prayerfully consider giving toward this need here at the end of the year. Obviously more monthly commitments or giving more monthly might be better for some folks, but there is an opportunity here at the end of the year to give a bigger sum for tax deductible purposes!


Job opportunities/interviews
Let me start by saying that Tasha and I are open to any place and have been encouraged by the leadership of the Austin Stone to give every place a shot as long as we are entering it prayerfully and delighting in the Lord.

Although we have had several opportunities come up, there seem to be two open doors at the moment– and they are both in DC!?!

First of all, Washington, DC is not where I thought I would end up…while neither of these opportunities are a for sure thing, both feel good at the moment. I have Skype interviewed with both and am flying up to lead worship at both within the next month.

I leave Friday, Dec 16th to the first church—please be praying that God will work and show us clearly what He is up to and calling us to.


One other thing
By now, you’ve probably got an email about Acceptiva and PushPay…please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

From my family to yours this season—we are thankful for your prayers and generosity. Merry Christmas, and thank you for serving Jesus and His Church alongside us!



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