Bye Livingston, Hello Austin

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Leaving Livingston was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done. We love our family, our friends, our neighborhood, and our church so much. Leaving is what you do when you feel called though. We were created to be a sent people. People ready and willing at any moment to leave our idols of comfort, control, and identity all behind us in a cloud of dust for the sake of the Gospel. It can be uncomfortable, sobering, or even painful—but it is always worth it. The grace and peace that you feel when your calling is confirmed is unreal. You see and feel the affirmation from all sides. It can even come by way of physical needs being met. It was such a humbling thing just to have so many show up to help us load up the truck.

This crew of people right here, stays doing life together until the very last moment physically possible. We love these people more than they will ever know. Obviously there are so many not actually in the picture above but if you were there in those last couple of days, then you know. If you couldn’t be there for some reason or another, we still love you a ton and will miss you tremendously.



Chandler enjoyed our little moving adventure so much. We had some great conversations and listened to some rad tunes also! She was so excited to be finally moving to Austin. I think it was more of a welcomed distraction from saying bye to all of her friends. I know it sort of was for me.

We had some great dudes from The Austin Stone help us unload when we got here. One of the guys even brought us lunch. He said we could choose anything in Austin for our first meal here. Needless to say, I was excited but let Chandler pick. She had at least been to Torchy’s. After thinking for a minute, she exclaimed, “Double decker tacos from Taco bell!” So thats what we had. I knew they were solid dudes when they agreed to humble themselves to picking up fast food tacos, even by Taco Bell.


We didn’t think we could like another house as much as the one we had in Livingston, but this one does the trick. It felt like home right away. The previous tenant also works for The Stone and let the neighbors know that someone good was moving in, so it is great to already have some connections built in. The boy’s elementary school is very close by the house also. I can’t wait to get settled in more and start my job at The Stone.



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