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My wife and I were recently asked, “What is the biggest dream you could dream, the burning passion in your soul…the thing only God could do? What would that look like?”

What a question, right?!

That single question has since overwhelmed our thoughts and burdened our prayers. We allowed ourselves to dream… And this is was we imagined:

People. Shared meals and stories around dinner. Spontaneous worship around firelight. Encouragement to embrace freedom in Christ and worship Him fully with whole lives – through talents, personalities, gifts, and vocation. Questions, doubts, fears, and failures graciously welcomed and worked through in an authentic real-life community of Jesus followers.

Eventually we see this dream evolving into a physical place, in the outskirts of Austin, just close enough to be part of the community, but far enough to offer a retreat from it all. Imagine a peaceful piece of land with communal space for events, workshops, and creative endeavors, as well as small private dwellings for retreats, sabbaticals, and on-site internships. We feel a physical place will be imperative to our mission of moving theology and worship from theory to practice.

In working toward this vision of a physical place, we will first intentionally pursue this mission in our homes, neighborhoods, communities, and in partnership with our local church, while connecting and equipping people through written, recorded, and live content. We wholeheartedly believe in doing this Kingdom work of teaching and inspiring people to live holistically worshipful lives as Christ intends right now, and prayerfully seeking the Lord as we endeavor to grow and include others in this mission.



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